Anton Stöger

Music • Yoga

I've taught drums and percussion for the past 15 years.

Feel free to contact me for private lessons and further info.
Here is a list of the genres and key concepts we will tackle during my lessons:
- Rock, Pop, Jazz, Hip Hop, Electronic Beats, Drum&Bass, Reggae, Latin, House, Funk, Fusion, Metal, etc.
- basic groove, improvising, fill-in, bandplaying, interacting, dynamic, sound, performance, independence, straight, triplets, shuffled feel, laid back, drive, live-performing, recording-session, equipment, clicktraining, bodypercussion, style analyzing, matched- traditional grip, open handed, linear non linear technique, coordination, polyrhythm, single and double strokes, paradiddle, pattern, counting, singing, tuning, loop, etc.
- basic groove, improvising, bandplaying, dynamic, performance, independence, shuffled feel, matched- traditional grip, single and double strokes, paradiddle, etc